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There are several ways in which you can sell the jewelry:

A Home Party Jewelry Show
Since we are a home party plan business, this is the main way to sell our jewelry.  Your hostess will invite her friends, relatives and co-workers and you will display your jewelry for them to purchase.  Remember, there is no formal presentation with our business.

Hold your own Open House
Host your own home show. Not only will you earn your normal profit on what you sell, but also, within certain parameters, you can earn Free Jewelry just like any other home show hostess!

You or your friends can sell to individuals using your catalogs
This is a great way to supplement home show sales. You become a reliable source for ongoing sales to your jewelry customer's!

Catalog Sales
You can provide catalogs to your friends, relatives or associates who take orders on your behalf. You collect the orders, submit them and the jewelry orders are shipped directly to them for distribution to each customer. Just like our Hostess awards, they earn Free Jewelry!

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